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The House MD Healthcare Difference

House MD Healthcare is a mobile medical practice that services the Long Island and New York Metro Area. We specialize in primary care and urgent care delivering the following services:

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Personal Health Services

Concierge medicine, also known as the House MD Arrow Plan, is the relationship between a patient and the primary care physician that keeps your best interests in mind.

With our insurance based model, doctors provide enhanced care, including expedited care, home care, secondary services and more.

Principally a commitment is made to limit patient loads to ensure adequate time and availability for each and every patient.

House MD provides patients a first class experience every time you have a visit.

Health Technology Associates

With our highly trained health technology associates, we are able to mobilize services that extend your healthcare services and our team's ability to be there when you need it most.

Smart technology, better patient outcomes: Using this examination data, our physician and NP staff provide patients with a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription if needed.

This convenient and efficient process leads to better patient care.

Becoming a Patient

Becoming a patient with House MD has never been easier. You can either download our app on the Apple or Google Play store or call us today.

When you sign up on the app, you can easily put in all your information online through our HIPAA secure servers. Sleep well knowing your information is safe.

Once you become a patient you can quickly schedule appointments, speak with a physician or view your medical records – all in one place!

At House MD, we have your interests in mind.

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