The House MD Healthcare Visit Process

Through our Health Specialist program and deployment of these innovations, House MD Healthcare extends our clinicians ability to detect and prevent disease with greater confidence for timely intervention and exceptional patient care.​

With our highly trained Health Specialists, we are able to mobilize services that extend your healthcare services and our team’s ability to be there when you need it most. Smart technology, better patient outcomes:

Using this examination data, our physician and NP staff provide patients with a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription if needed. This convenient and efficient process leads to better patient care.

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Average Physician Office Wait Times

20 Days

In 2022, the typical patient must wait 20.6 days to see a family physician

Time Spend

6 Hours

On average with the House MD Healthcare model, we save patients 32+ hours of their life. Use your time more wisely, spend less time with your physician.

House MD Healthcare

Average House MD In-Home Wait Times

24 Hours

At House MD Healthcare, your average wait time is 7 days, with visits as soon as 24 hours after your first call.

Time Saved

Countless Hours

With House MD Healthcare, patients spend no time traveling or waiting in an office to see their physician. We come to you, on your time, when you need it.

Proud of our Operation

Emergencies Avoided


With initial and follow up care, we are able to on average help patients avoid 67% of possible emergency room visits.

Patients Served


With our model of healthcare in your home or online with our Enhanced Telehealth platform, we have been able to help over 70,000 patients.

Average Visit Time

28 Minutes

The average in home visit lasts 28 minutes, compared to hours travelling to and waiting at a brick and mortar office. Freeing up time, so you can spend your day doing what you love.

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