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We specialize in primary care, urgent care, cardiology and chronic disease management.

We offer visits in your home, office or even at your hotel room. Your doctor comes to you, or we virtually connect the provider utilizing our smart technology.

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When choosing a healthcare provider, you need doctors and medical professionals who you can trust.

House MD Healthcare has earned a reputation of trust from our customers.

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I needed an appointment fast and House MD got me set up and booked without any hassles. They saved me hours on commuting and waiting at a doctors office. It was so easy and convenient. All I did was answer my phone at the appointment time and any bloodwork they need they come to my house. It’s great. Thanks to Christine who helped me through the process, especially dealing with my insurance company! This is a no hassle way to see your doctor; I highly recommend!

I have had the greatest experiences with House MD! I’ve been with them for over a year and couldn’t be happier that I switched my primary care physician to Danny and Danielle. From day one setting everything up with Christine to Danny and Danielle arriving at my home. They cover everything, never leaving anything out. I’ve had in home sonograms, x-rays and bloods drawn. Never having to expose myself to doctors office waiting rooms. All under fabulous care. I recommend them to everyone I know and love. 5 stars! Bravo! House MD keep being how incredible you are!

House md.helped me out with my high blood pressure I could not get anything done in florida ,had to call House Md,in four days I was perfectly healthy and my blood pressure was normal thank you Pa.Danielle Zick. Happy Easter. I would recommend House Md.anytime!!!!!!! Birgit Baglien .Nalcrest Fl.

Always the best care possible! The professionalism and patience that Dan, Dr Sharma and Joann had with me to help ease my mind while being sick all last week was amazing. It’s so comforting to know that I can count on them 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Thanks House MD for all you do. Please stay safe 🙂

Nikki DiGi

My son Luke has elevated sugars all night. He woke up really not feeling well today. Did a pump site change at 7 this morning because his sugars were almost 400. At 11 his sugars were 503 and at 12:50 they were not even reading anymore just saying over 600 on his pump. I gave him an injection of humalog and waited, sugars would not come down with large ketones. Scared to bring him to the hospital because he is immunocompromised. I called HouseMD. Danielle and Dan were at my house in 20 minutes. They pushed fluids, increased insulin and Lucas is already feeling so much better. I cannot thank the whole HouseMD team enough. You saved Lucas from exposure in the hospital. There is no doubt that Lucas would have had to go to the hospital had your service not been available. The service, compassion and knowledge was truly amazing. Thank you so much for your quick response and taking care of Luke.

What an amazing service. Was evaluated over the phone. They took my insurance and sent a script for me right to the pharmacy. I will definitely be using this for my parents who I can’t be near right now so I can’t take them to doctors appt. House MD is a great resource for these times and will continue with them after this crisis is over. Thank you!!

Robin Lee

After being in the ER twice and not getting any answers Danielle and Dan acted quickly and I finally feel like I am getting somewhere. Thank you so much for your care and attentiveness.

Maria Negron

I have no words for the compassion, patience and attentiveness shown for my mom. Danielle, you are truly the most caring person I have met. Thank you House Md for helping my mom through this toughest journey in her life.

Enhanced Telehealth

With our Enhanced Telehealth platform, you can quickly connect with your physician for a virtual visit.

Our Health Specialists can also come to your home and livestream your visit back to your physician utilizing our innovative health technology.

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House MD Healthcare Home Visits

At House MD Healthcare, we offer in home visits where your physician comes to your home or we virtually connect your physician with your Health Specialist using our state of the art health technology.

No matter where you are, feel comfortable knowing you can always connect with your physician.
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