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Test before you mingle

Make that small event with high risk family or friends safe with House MD’s in-home RAPID testing services.

The House MD COVID-19 testing program is overseen by Dr. Sharma, a board-certified emergency medicine physician. Our testing modalities are diligently researched by he and his team. House MD remains vigilant, we understand the rapid developments in testing strategies and adapt as they change. Our clinicians are here to guide you and offer the best option for your group.

Our clinical team has managed the pandemic in some of the most difficult environments. The medical team researches the literature and data available on Coronavirus-19. We implement evidence-based practice on how to best mitigate your risk and safeguard assets. Our goal is to utilize the knowledge, capabilities and experience in deploying teams anywhere, in order to best protect the health and safety of yourself, family or friends.

Combining of CDC recommended guidelines and our data driven model assists you with medical provider oversight and protocols.

COVID-19 and Flu Immunization Services

In-Home Immunizations

Travel testing, symptoms verification or any other reason you think you might need a COVID test- give us a call- our medical team would be glad to discuss options and implement what makes the most sense for you.
Our group of healthcare professionals are deployed to your location. All in the convenience of your home, office or hotel.

At your Office

Conferences bring people together from all over the world. They often gather for several days at a time. Without COVID testing, conference attendees and facility staff experience a heightened risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. Test conference attendees to the Coronavirus to increase the safety of your guests and staff.

At an Event or Job Location

Your production is on a deadline. Production staff work closely together, and the faces you see may differ from day to day. When you perform rapid Covid testing of actors and production staff, you take positive action to increase everyone's safety and make it fast for everyone to return to the business of shooting your commercial or episode.

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