Reduce Healthcare Costs and Retain Talent

  • Your employees gain access to convenient healthcare benefits that they value.
  • Your insurance premiums are lower because employees are more likely to engage in preventative care.
  • House MD solves a healthcare performance gap by providing onsite coordinated healthcare to offices everywhere, on land and at sea.
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House MD Health Specialists

Enhanced Telehealth Deployment- take your clinic anywhere.

How it works:

With our highly trained Health Specialists, we can mobilize services that extend your healthcare amenity to surrounding or smaller sites within your portfolio that may not otherwise have the need for a full service health services onsite clinic.

Health Specialists expand our physicians reach – Decrease their burnout. Our exam technology is delivered to the patient. Our Health Specialists-to physician interface allows clinical teams the essential information to render the same medical decisions employees would obtain in person.

Enhanced telehealth – More than a facetime High quality digital sounds of the heart & lungs, digital imaging, and videos of the ears, throat, skin and measuring the heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, weight and body temperature.

Smart Technology – Better patient outcomes Using this exam data, our physician & NP staff provide patients with a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription if needed.

Services We Provide

On-site Wellness Centers and Programs

House MD Healthcare offers on-sire wellness center to deliver affordable health and wellness services with exceptional results through the power of human interaction, technology and data analytical solutions.

Individual Health Services

At your corporate headquarters or as an amenity for your buildings. Our team doesn’t just treat the symptoms, they build trusting relationships with your employees to heal the whole person. Our convenient onsite health centers give your employees convenient access to care while spending less time away from work.

Rover Services

Our mobile medical service is a fully equipped mobile medical unit. This service is for clients who require on-site medical care for multiple locations or projects—like construction first aid.

Decreases Healthcare Expenditures

Through employee satisfaction and retention, decreased loss of work, and reduced urgent care and inpatient hospitalizations.

We're Changing the Nature of Healthcare

We have been innovating new ways to keep patients happy and healthy. Incorporating wellness programs included with our medical services - we look to keep patients hearts and minds happy.

With more time devoted to patients, our providers go well beyond standard care.

House MD believes in comprehensive, advanced health screening modalities that have been shown to help detect issues early.

The results help give a clearer view of your overall health.

We're on a Mission

We were founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: To deliver urgent and preventative medical services to the businesses and communities we serve, with high quality and convenience, while leading the way in solving the healthcare crisis in this country.

We believe that healthcare should be delivered with empathy and easy access. It should provide continuity of care, with the best interests of the patient being the focal point.

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